Departmental Bulletin Paper 小学校音楽科の学習事項の配列に関する教育工学上の課題 -教科書に掲載された初出時期の比較から-
Problem related to the educational technology about learning matters arrangemant of the primary school music department: From the comparison to the first appearance timing in the school textbook

石原, 慎司  ,  ISHIHARA, Shinji

The government course guidelines for music departments are “ambiguous” and have remained so since tentative drafts were prepared after WWII. The impact of this ambiguity in the school setting is reportedly the cause for students not learning the method of reading music. This ambiguity has naturally also impacted textbooks; however, differences between textbooks from different companies and the problems arising from these differences remain unclear. Therefore, the academic years in which various learning guideline items made their first appearance were compared and examined between the different textbooks. The results indicated that the academic years in which certain items first appeared differed between textbooks; further, certain items that were only handled in one manner could be observed in various places. Moreover, systematic/step-by-step learning was stagnant; large differences in the depth of learning and aspects covered by the textbooks were also observed. Currently, all textbooks are inconsistent with regard to the school year in which certain academic content should be taught; therefore, the precise area of the teacher’s responsibility remains unclear. This sort of effect on education design is potentially the result of a foundation that continually produces areas of inconsistencies in the teaching of academic content.

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