Departmental Bulletin Paper 中学校運動部部活動指導に関する外部指導者の信念・指導内容・関係性の研究 -その2 外部指導者に対するインタビュー調査から-
Third party junior high school sports coach’s belief, teaching contents, thinking relationship with school and parents: interview analysis

長澤, 岳大  ,  松本, 奈緒  ,  NAGASAWA, Takehiro  ,  MATSUMOTO, Naho

School sports club activity support student’s whole growth and valued at school. School teacher had a role of coach but it add much extra works, so the administration of education in Japan decided to facilitate third party sports coach in school for decreasing teacher’s too busy situation. The purpose of this study is to understand the current situation of the sports coaching in Japanese academies through their belief, teaching content how thinking the relationship to school and parents through a case study using interview. As results of this study suggested that third party sports coach did not focused only to win, facilitated students moving experience, good human relationship and meeting nice person through sports, whole human growth. As coaching direction he focus gaining basic skill and technique, facilitation student’s own thinking after making mistake, instruction with moving. As good relationship with head coach teacher and parents, he having right decide practice schedule and share works managing sports club and trying making chance communication with student’s parents. But he made an excessive objection to time limitation of sports club activities, and not understanding school management issue they have to make a balance other school events.

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