Departmental Bulletin Paper 教員養成教育における「構成」の方法論に基づく教育実践の試み(3) -初等教科専門科目「初等図画工作Ⅳ」における授業実践の事例-
"Attempts of educational practices based on the methodology of the ""Kosei"" in teacher training education(3) -Some case studies in the Elementary Specialized Subject course “Elementary Arts and Crafts-IV”

石井, 宏一  ,  ISHII, Kouichi

As a basic study of modeling in general, the “Kosei(Science of Art and Design)” method is required to be taught in relation with “design” in art study at school education programs. However, since it is a “basic modeling” method which covers modeling expression comprehensively, it is not only for design major students but all expected art teachers will be required to learn the “Kosei” method as a mandatory requirement. From this point of view we have reported some teaching case studies in art teacher training education programs and confirmed the validity of educational resource when introducing the “Kosei” method into active educational pedagogy for verifying expression objects, and modeling method characteristics. This finding is primarily targeting at art teachers training education programs at the junior high and senior high school level. We are attempting to prove whether the finding is effective and important for elementary school teachers who are responsible for teaching all subjects including arts and crafts. As a continuing study, this article reports on the practice and results in the “Elementary Arts and Crafts Ⅳ” in our School Education Elementary Specialized Subject course, regarding some cases that use the “Kosei” method.

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