Journal Article マイクロバブル炭酸浴のストレスコーピング効果
Stress-coping effect induced by microbubble carbonated bathing

酒井, 駿  ,  長谷川, 裕晃  ,  上村, 佐知子  ,  増田, 豊

42 ( 3/4 )  , pp.125 - 128 , 2016-03-31 , 秋田医学会
Forced-swimming gives mouse continuous stress. Mouse given the stress shows differentstress-coping behaviors, climbing for escaping from the stressful situation and motionlessness forkeeping the physical strength.  The former is induced by humoral GalNacα1-3GalNAc-ceramidefractioned with 150 mM NaCl and the latter is done by other humoral lipid fractioned with 100mM NaCl. In the present study, the authors investigate productions of these humoral lipids ofmouse given forced swimming stress in CO2-bubble bathing. GalNacα1-3GalNAc-ceramide reactivitywas increased in serum of mouse given the stress in microbubble CO2 bathing and in serumof mouse given the stress in pressured CO2 bathing. Motionlessness duration was increased inmouse treated with 100 mM NaCl fraction of mouse given the stress in microbubble CO2 bathing,but was not in mouse treated with the fraction of mouse given the stress in pressured CO2bathing. These suggest that CO2 bathing induced stress-coping effect on mice given forcedswimmingstress, and that CO2-bubble form was related to quality of the effect.

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