Thesis or Dissertation Post contraction hyperemia after electrical stimulation

柴田, 暢介  ,  SHIBATA, Nobusuke

2016-06-01 , 秋田大学
The purpose of this study was to compare postcontraction hyperemia after electrical stimulationbetween patients with upper extremity paralysis caused by upper motor neuron diseases andhealthy controls. Thirteen healthy controls and eleven patients with upper extremity paralysis wereenrolled. The blood flow in the basilic vein was measured by ultrasound before the electrical stimulationof the biceps brachii muscle and 30 s after the stimulation. The stimulation was performedat 10 mA and at a frequency of 70 Hz for 20 s. The mean blood flow in the healthy control groupand in upper extremity paralysis group before the electrical stimulation was 60 ± 20 mL/min(mean ± SD) and 48 ± 25 mL/min, respectively. After the stimulation, blood flow in both groupsincreased to 117 ± 23 mL/min and 81 ± 41 mL/min, respectively. We show that it is possible tomeasure postcontraction hyperemia using an ultrasound system. In addition, blood flow in bothgroups increased after the electrical stimulation because of postcontraction hyperemia. These findingssuggest that evaluating post contraction hyperemia in patients with upper extremity paralysiscan assess rehabilitation effects.

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