Departmental Bulletin Paper 秋田県山内地域に居住する住民の訪問看護の認識に関する調査
Research on the recognition of home nursing services among residents living in the Sannai region of Akita Prefecture

藤田, 智恵  ,  長岡, 真希子  ,  熊澤, 由美子  ,  中村, 順子  ,  FUJITA, Tomoe  ,  NAGAOKA, Makiko  ,  KUMAZAWA, Yumiko  ,  NAKAMURA, Yoriko

24 ( 1 )  , pp.85 - 93 , 2016-03-31 , 秋田大学大学院医学系研究科保健学専攻
文部科学省の「地(知) の拠点整備事業」の一環として, 豪雪地帯で過疎化が進む地域での在宅看護・医療を支える地域ネットワークの形成に向けて, 一般住民の訪問看護に対する認識を明らかにするため, 秋田県山内地域の住民448名に質問紙調査と質問紙調査票に基づく聞き取り調査を行い, 269名の回答から以下の結果と考察を得た.調査地域の住民は, 7割近くが訪問看護そのものの存在は認知していたが、4割の住民は地域に存在する訪問看護ステーションの存在を認識していなかった. また, 6割以上の住民は訪問看護が医療のサービスであることを認識しておらず, 住民の訪問看護に対する情報不足が反映された.今後は調査地域の住民に地域の訪問看護ステーションの存在を知ってもらい, 看護と介護によるサービスの違いを含めながら, 訪問看護師によるケア内容やサービス単価, サービスを利用するまでの流れについて広く住民に周知していくことの必要性が示唆された.
In order to determine the awareness home nursing services among local residents, a questionnairesurvey and interviews based on the questionnaire results were conducted among 448 residents of the Sannairegion of Akita Prefecture, Japan. This was conducted as part of the Center of Community (COC)Program of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), in preparationfor the establishment of community networks to support home nursing and medical care in heavy snowfallareas that are experiencing depopulation. The results and discussion based on the data from 269respondents are shown below.Nearly 70% of the residents in the survey area were aware of the existence of home nursing services;however, 40% of residents were not aware of home nursing stations with in their community.Furthermore, 60% or more of the residents were not aware that home nursing services were medical careservices. This reflected a lack of information regarding home nursing services.This study suggested the need to widely increase public awareness by informing residents of thesurveyed community about the existence of home nursing stations and explaining the details and costs ofservices provided by the home nurses,the procedures on how the services can be used and the differencesbetween nursing and nursing care services.

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