Departmental Bulletin Paper 小学校・中学校・高校のスポーツ活動が青年期の 骨・関節の痛みや日常生活動作に与える影響 ~A県の大学生を対象にした質問紙調査から~
An actual condition survey on sports activities during childhood, bone and joint pain, and activities of daily living: Based on a questionnaire survey of university students in Prefecture A

大高, 麻衣子  ,  平元, 泉  ,  OHTAKA, Maiko  ,  HIRAMOTO, Izumi

24 ( 1 )  , pp.77 - 84 , 2016-03-31 , 秋田大学大学院医学系研究科保健学専攻
A県の445名の大学生を対象に, 小学校, 中学校, 高校でのスポーツ活動の状況, 骨・関節の痛み, 日常生活動作の状況を明らかにすることを目的に実態調査を行った. 運動部やスポーツクラブへの所属経験を有していたのは小学校時代が67.9%, 中学校時代が74.8%, 高校時代が49.2%であった. 現在, 骨・関節の痛みがある人は24.9%, 過去に骨・関節の痛みがあった人は48.5%であった. 日常生活動作について, とても難しい・少し難しいと答えた項目がある人は40.2%であった. 現在の骨・関節の痛みおよび過去の骨・関節の痛みについて運動部への所属経験の有無や運動部の継続期間, 運動頻度との有意な関連はみとめられなかった. 日常生活動作の困難さでは運動部への所属経験の有無や運動部の継続期間, 運動頻度との有意な関連はみとめられなかったが, 過去の痛みとの有意な関連がみとめられた.
An actual condition survey of 445 university students in Prefecture A was conducted with the objectiveof elucidating the status of the sports activities that they engaged in during childhood as well as theirstatuses regarding bone and joint pain and activities of daily living. The proportions of students whobelonged to a sports team during elementary, junior high and high school were 67.9%, 74.8%, and 49.2%,respectively. The proportions of students with present and previous bone and joint pain were 25.0% and48.5%, respectively. With regard to the activities of daily living, 40.2% of students had an item that theydescribed as very difficult or slightly difficult . No significant relationship was observed between currentand previous bone and joint pain and belonging to a sports team or the frequency of exercise. Althoughthe level of difficulty in activities of daily living was not significantly related to belonging to a sportsteam or exercise frequency, it was significantly correlated with previous bone and joint pain.

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