Departmental Bulletin Paper 「老若男女の生活史」ゲームの開発 -女性史・生活史かるた-
The Development of a Game on Japanese History about young and old, men and women

渡部, 育子  ,  阿部, 修之  ,  石毛, あゆみ  ,  鎌田, 達也  ,  嶽石, 涼  ,  WATANABE, Ikuko  ,  ABE, Noriyuki  ,  ISHIGE, Ayumi  ,  KAMADA, Tatsuya  ,  TAKEISHI, Ryo

38pp.233 - 242 , 2016-03-31 , 秋田大学教育文化学部附属教育実践研究支援センター
 This paper introduces the teaching materialwhich developed for the purpose of studyingabout women’s history in Japanese high schooleducation curriculum, civics and Japanese history.The material was developed on the basis of theteaching methodology of “gaming simulations”,which had been adopted under the “SupportProgram for University Education with DistinctiveFeature”. The material is unique in that it enablesstudents to learn the basic knowledge of Japanesehistory, while enjoying the“ KARUTA” game.

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