Departmental Bulletin Paper 樹木画テストにおける球形樹冠をもつ図式的表現についての一考察 -青年期心性との関連の視点から-
A symbol does not define or explain;  it points beyond itself to a meaning that is darkly divined yet still beyond our grasp,  and cannot be adequately expressed in a familiar words of our language. C. G. Jung(CW8, para644)

宮野, 素子  ,  MIYANO, Motoko

38pp.213 - 220 , 2016-03-31 , 秋田大学教育文化学部附属教育実践研究支援センター
Tree Test is one of the prominent personalityt e s t s , e s p e c i a l l y p o p u l a r a m o n g p s y c h o -dynamically oriented clinical psychologists likeRorschach Inkblot Test. It was developed bySwiss psychologist Karl Koch, who found the treedrawings reflect hidden aspects of personality,in 1950’s. Although there has been criticismclaiming it substantially less reliable because of thedifficulties to translate what is expressed on thepaper into numerical scores for scientific analysis,Tree Test gives psychologists extremely usefulinformation about the clients who he/she mightbe. This paper discuss significance of particularforms; graphic feature with ball shaped crown, ofthe tree figures drawn by two adolescents, findingrelevance between tree and the psychologicalfeature of adolescents.

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