Departmental Bulletin Paper 発達に気がかりのある幼児に対する相談・支援アプローチ
The Approach to Counseling and Support of Young Children with Developmental Concerns

相場, 眞里子  ,  島津, 真奈美  ,  伊藤, 栄子  ,  田口, 睦子  ,  斎藤, 孝  ,  内海, 淳  ,  藤井, 慶博  ,  AIBA, Mariko  ,  SHIMAZU, Manami  ,  ITO, Eiko  ,  TAGUCHI, Mutsuko  ,  SAITO, Takashi  ,  UTSUMI, Jun  ,  FUJII, Yoshihiro

38pp.195 - 202 , 2016-03-31 , 秋田大学教育文化学部附属教育実践研究支援センター
A counseling office was created to provideassistance to children in kindergartens andnursery schools in whom there are developmentalconcerns. The office worked in collaboration withAkita University and special support schools toexamine into the approach to be taken to supportthe children, their guardians and school personnel.Support consisted chiefly of guidance to children,counseling with their guardians and informationservice to kindergartens and nursery schools.Examinations conducted on the children andinterviews with the guardians suggested growthand development of the children. It also contributedto building guardian confidence toward care of thechildren and to more positive stance toward schoolenrollment. Teachers at kindergartens and nurseriesalso gained understanding of the points of attentionin providing support to the children. The issuesrequiring action were, for example, monitoring andfollow-up after selection of school, strengthening ofrelationship with elementary schools and reinforcingthe management system of the counseling offices.

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