Departmental Bulletin Paper 考えの根拠を問う「道徳の時間」の指導に関する研究
On Teaching "The Class Moral Education" by Asking about Bases of Student’s Thought

原田, 俊子  ,  菊地, 智則  ,  佐々木, 勝利  ,  佐藤, 優子  ,  小池, 孝範  ,  HARADA, Toshiko  ,  KIKUCHI, Tomonori  ,  SASAKI, Katsutoshi  ,  SATO, Yuko  ,  KOIKE, Takanori

38pp.181 - 193 , 2016-03-31 , 秋田大学教育文化学部附属教育実践研究支援センター
"The class moral education" has been requestedthat each student has deepened moral virtue byoneself. For the purpose of doing that, studentsshould think deeply by discussions. "The classmoral education" requires changing into “Discussmoral education” after this, so it will be moreimportant in that. However teachers need not only to set thechance for the discussion, but also to come up withsome idea for enriching discussions. In A juniorhigh school, for the sake of that, when studentshave discussed at groups, one student has askedfor basis of other student’s thought. The man whoask basis is decided as a role. So in this paper,we report these practices of these three years,and moreover, we have considered meanings andproblems of these.

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