Departmental Bulletin Paper 3 年保育の教育課程の再編成(2) -保育における計画概念の理解からとらえる保幼小連携への展開の可能性-
Remaking the curriculum of kindergarten education for three years(2)  - Possibility of collaboration curriculum among kindergarten, nursery and elementary schools through  the understanding of conception about the scheme in early childhood education and care-

奥山, 順子  ,  諸岡, 美佳  ,  OKUYAMA, Junko  ,  MOROOKA, Mika

38pp.111 - 120 , 2016-03-31 , 秋田大学教育文化学部附属教育実践研究支援センター
The purpose of this study is to investigatethe problem on the curriculum employed bykindergarten and nursery teachers. Particularly toexplain about the conception of scheme in ECEC isimportant for the collaboration curriculum amongkindergarten, nursery and elementary schools.We are placing emphasis on understanding aboutthe conception of scheme is for kindergarten and nursery teachers, especially understanding on theconception of object and subject.It is necessary for teachers to dissolve theproblem about the scheme like planning schedule. Itis also necessary to understand the purpose of theactivities in ECEC in order to make sense of thecourses of ‘resources’ for children’s development.These are based on the scheme by ‘resources’on the activity of play oriented education and theconception of collaboration curriculum amongkindergarten, nursery and elementary schools.

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