Departmental Bulletin Paper 小学校学年別「作文指導文型」に関する研究(3) -機能・文型ごとの使用文種・表現意図の検討-
How to teach sentence patterns in a Japanese composition class in elementary school :  Examination of genres and types of content to be expressed in relation to functions and sentence patterns

成田, 雅樹  ,  NARITA, Masaki

38pp.13 - 25 , 2016-03-31 , 秋田大学教育文化学部附属教育実践研究支援センター
This paper discusses what genres, what typesof content to be expressed, and what topicsare appropriate for learning sentence patternswhich elementary school students use in writingcomposition. It also classifies sentence patternswhich are commonly used in the following threetypes of essays: Informative Type, Persuasive Type,and Narrative Type. Of the three types of essays,sentence patterns used in the Narrative Typeessay are organized in the form of a table, whilethose used in the Informative Type essay and the Persuasive Type essay are discussed in relation togenres and types of content to be expressed. As aresult of the discussion, the paper refers to points tonote in teaching these sentence patterns.

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