Departmental Bulletin Paper 「マイプレート」を活用した脂質栄養指導の実践
Guideline for Lipid Nutrition Using “My Plate”

池本, 敦  ,  三浦, 愛里  ,  鈴木, 景子  ,  IKEMOTO, Atsushi  ,  MIURA, Airi  ,  SUZUKI, Keiko

Lipid nutrition is a key subject to be solved for prevention of chronic and lifestyle-related diseases. It is well knownfor the general public that the excessive intake of fats and oils causes obesity and metabolic syndrome. However theimportance of essential fatty acid balance for prevention of inflammatory and allergic diseases is not understood. Thus thequality of dietary fats and oils are remained to be recognized. Both the Japanese Food Balance Guide (2005) and the UnitedStates “My Plate” (2011) did not contain lipid nutrition at all. Therefore we made the improve version of “My Plate” todisplay the essential fatty acid balance (n-6 and n-3) contained in the foods. To evaluate the new version, we performedthe questionnaire survey for the students with the qualification of the dietician. They indicated the necessity of the foodguideline containing lipid nutrition and the usability of improve version of “My Plate”.

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