Departmental Bulletin Paper スポーツによるコミュニティ形成と「生活圏」に関する社会学的考察 ― 神戸市・垂水区団地スポーツ協会を事例として ―
Community Reorganization through Sports and the “Sphere of Daily Life” Based on a Case of Tarumi-ku, Kobe in Japan

伊藤, 恵造  ,  ITO, Keizo

In order to deal with the issue currently facing Japan of its aging society, a “living in proximity” phenomenonhas begun in which a family resides in separate residences within a neighborhood, and their lifestyle consists ofmutually visiting each other. Upon investigation of solutions to regional lifestyle issues, it becomes clear thatrelationship models with examples of physical closeness are important.  Arguments in regards to community reorganization through sports have been negligence in regards to actuallyproving whether or not sports activities can create a sense of connection within the sphere of daily life. Thus, weexamine the relationship of local sports club member’s attributes and residences, as well as the types of sport.  It is clear that based on the characteristics of each sport’s activities, sports become a place for activitiesoutside of an individual’s sphere of daily life, and that sphere differs depending the type of sport. In addition, it canbe asserted that there is a need to plan community reorganization depending on the characteristics of each regionalcommunity and for the characteristics of each type of sports activity.

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