Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学運動部員におけるソマトタイプの観察
Somatotype in Japanese college students of sports club

後川, 大和  ,  高崎, 裕治  ,  USHIROKAWA, Yamato  ,  TAKASAKI, Yuji

Most studies on somatotype have been conducted in elite adult players and there is less information about young,college players. We present the somatological characteristics of male college students belonging to sports club in a nationaluniversity. Anthropometric measures were taken on a sample of 71 subjects, consisting of 25 track-and-field athletes, 12soft tennis players, 12 soccer players, 12 handball players, and 10 judoists. Somatotype for each subject was calculatedusing the Heath-Carter method. Mean somatotype for all subjects was 2.4-4.6-2.6, and was similar to that for untrainedyoung adults from literature. However, some differences in somatotype were observed among athletic events. Judoists hadthe highest scores of endomorphy and mesomorphy, and were different in somatotype among their classes. As for trackand-field athletes, throwers also had higher scores of endomorphy and mesomorphy than other runners and jumpers. Sinceelite adult players have a tendency to show an optimum somatotype for each athletic event, young non-elite players shouldmake an effort to approach it.

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