Departmental Bulletin Paper 盲学校(視覚特別支援学校)寄宿舎における生活指導の現状と課題
The Current Situation and Issues on Civil Life Education at Boarding Houses of Special Support Schools for the Visually Impaired

大城, 英名  ,  OSHIRO, Eimei

71pp.117 - 125 , 2016-03-01 , 秋田大学教育文化学部
The purpose of this study was to investigate the current situation and issues on civil life education at boardinghouses of special support schools for the visually impaired. It was carried out a questionnaire survey to boardinghouse's stuffs of the special support schools. The main findings were as follows: (1) Pupil/student's percentage atboarding houses, upper secondary students was 64.2 % and 22.9% of lower secondary students, 12.9% of primaryschool pupils. (2) The power boarding house's stuffs would like to bring up for students of boarding houses wasbasic daily living skills, acquisition of the sociality and independence, initiative, prosocial behavior andcommunication ability. (3) As a problem at boarding houses, it was pointed out the student's decrease at boardinghouses, and severely disabilities student's increase. These findings discuss that the problem and issues related to thecivil life education at boarding houses of special support schools for the Visually Impaired.

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