Departmental Bulletin Paper 学習資料を工夫したリズムダンスの授業における学習者の認知 — 動きのカードとキネクトによる動きの提示から —
Students' conception at rhythmical dance class with developmental teaching device: Making available movement variations through cards and XBOX 360 Kinect dance application

松本, 奈緒  ,  MATSUMOTO, Naho

71pp.59 - 69 , 2016-03-01 , 秋田大学教育文化学部
This study shows students’ conception of rhythmical dance class with developmental teaching devise to usemovement variations in creating group dance work through cards and XBOX 360 Kinect dance application atUniversity dance class. The subject were nine students of third grade, most of them already had experienced withprior dance class experience at school before, who liked dance but did not think be evaluate themselves to be goodat dance based on a pre-study questionnaire. Method was inductive analysis students’ free comments throughballoon method handling by one dance education specialist. From 154 students’ comments big 74 concept and 10small concept emerged as results. In this study, it was found that developmental teaching devise with cards andKinect dance application led student from conceptual understanding to gave them the ability to do a variety ofmovements on cue, repeat it many times, and understand some points in comparison with model’s movement. Asrhythmical dance characteristic, students expressed their conceptions about dance such as dance as whole bodyvigorous exercise, understanding how to move, difficulty in movement, awareness of body and body parts,movement in relation to rhythm and mood, motivation for independent and continuous study, peer leaningeffectiveness about various movement and expression with other person. A limitation of this way of learning is thelack of a step-by-step guide in mimicking the movements. As the class progressed, students’ conception ofmovement shifted from just affection to deeper thinking and understanding about movement variation and how tomove, and finally reach to attaining feeling of accomplishment. Negative thinking and difficulty with unison,moving to music, and creating group dance work emerged but it caused from deeper thinking about movement andhow to move, thus it must being connected to productive movement leaning.

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