Departmental Bulletin Paper 生徒指導における「段階的指導」の効果と課題 -2 高校の管理職教員へのインタビュー調査から-
Effects and Issues of Progressive Discipline on Student Guidance and Counseling Based on Interviews with managerial Teachers of two high schools

井, 陽介  ,  鈴木, 翔  ,  I, Yousuke  ,  SUZUKI, Sho

36pp.41 - 48 , 2015-10-01 , 秋田大学大学院工学資源学研究科
In Japan today, there are some high schools that have introduced progressive discipline as a form ofstudent guidance and counseling. To date, opinions have been divided on effects and issues of it. However,there has been very little research that examines effects and issues of progressive discipline through casestudies on schools that are implementing it. Furthermore, important implications for examining effects andissues of progressive discipline can be obtained by surveying schools that have been implementingprogressive discipline for many years. Therefore, in this study, teachers (vice principals) at schoolsimplementing progressive discipline were interviewed and effects and issues of progressive discipline wereexamined. Results revealed that, in terms of effects, the number of students who became suspended fromthe school were reduced and the school environment became less disruptive. In terms of issues, it revealedthat negative image of progressive discipline might have reduced the number of applicants for the school.Furthermore, it was found that teachers recognized the issue on how to deal with students withdevelopmental disorders in applying progressive discipline.

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