Departmental Bulletin Paper 高分解能・交番磁気力顕微鏡の開発とその磁性材料・磁気デバイスへの応用
Development of high-resolution alternating magnetic force microscopy and its application to advanced magnetic materials and devices

齊藤, 準  ,  SAITO, Hitoshi

36pp.1 - 7 , 2015-10-01 , 秋田大学大学院工学資源学研究科
We have developed novel magnetic force microscopy named as alternating magnetic force microscopy (A-MFM) for DCand AC magnetic fields imaging with ultra high spatial resolution of less than 5 nm. A-MFM utilizes frequency modulation ofcantilever oscillation induced by applying off-resonant alternating magnetic force to high sensitive homemade magnetic tip.A-MFM is the first magnetic force microscopy which enables near-surface magnetic imaging. A-MFM has several newfunctionalities such as, a) zero detection of magnetic field, b) polarity detection of magnetic field, c) stroboscopic AC magneticfield imaging and d) vector DC magnetic fields imaging with selectable measuring axis.

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