Departmental Bulletin Paper 助産師学生の分娩介助技術の習得過程
The process of the acquisition of birth assistance skills by midwifery students

工藤, 直子  ,  篠原, ひとみ  ,  成田, 好美  ,  吉田, 倫子  ,  兒玉, 英也  ,  KUDO, Naoko  ,  SHINOHARA, Hitomi  ,  NARITA, Yoshimi  ,  YOSHIDA, Michiko  ,  KODAMA, Hideya

23 ( 2 )  , pp.201 - 209 , 2015-10-31 , 秋田大学大学院医学系研究科保健学専攻
本研究は, A大学における平成24~26年度の3年間で助産師学生が取扱った分娩介助120例の分娩介助技術に関する評価表を対象に, 学生の分娩介助技術の習得過程を明らかにすることを目的とした. 学生の自己評価得点について,分娩介助例数に応じた変化や, 分娩介助技術項目について比較し, 以下のことが明らかとなった.1. 学生の自己評価平均得点は, 分娩介助4~6例目に停滞するものの例数を重ねる毎に上昇し, 10例目では「少しの指導・助言でできる」まで習得していた.2. 「胎盤計測」や「分娩第4期の観察やケア」などの分娩終了後の項目は, 分娩介助初期より得点が高く, その後も上昇していったため, 学内演習が実践で活かされる内容であった.3. 「会陰保護」や「児の娩出介助」に関連する項目の習得は緩やかに上昇するものの, 10例目でも得点は低く,個別性や様々な状況に対応できる能力の育成が必要であり, 卒業後も習得を要する技術項目であった.
The present study examined 120 cases in which birth assistance was provided by 12 midwifery studentsat University A over the three-year period from 2012 to 2014 with the purpose of clarifying the process bywhich students acquire birth assistance skills. The changes in the self-assessed scores of midwiferystudents corresponding to the number of cases in which they performed birth assistance and the birthassistance skill items were compared. The results showed that the students mean self-assessed scoresincreased with each case, although they remained about the same from the fourth case to the sixth case,and that by the tenth case they had generally acquired the ability to provide a little guidance andadvice. Among the students responses, skill items related to postnatal procedures, such as measuring theplacenta and care in the fourth stage of delivery, were high from the early period of birth assistanceand then continued to rise. Thus, it is thought that the students were able to use the school exercises inactual practice. On the other hand, the improvement in the skills related to the protection of theperineum and delivery assistance was gradual, and variability remained in the scores of the students,even after the tenth case. Training in decision-making and technical skills is necessary to enable studentsto respond to individual differences and changing circumstances.

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