Departmental Bulletin Paper 頸椎手術後の軸性疼痛に対する温罨法の効果
Effect of hot fomentation on the axial pain following cervical spine surgery

高山, 賢路  ,  佐藤, 梓  ,  大友, さゆり  ,  田中, 紀子  ,  長谷部, 真木子  ,  TAKAYAMA, Masamichi  ,  SATOU, Azusa  ,  OHTOMO, Sayuri  ,  TANAKA, Noriko  ,  HASEBE, Makiko

23 ( 1 )  , pp.53 - 59 , 2015-03-31 , 秋田大学大学院医学系研究科保健学専攻
頚椎手術後患者は,術後に軸性疼痛を訴えることがある.軸性疼痛は,遷延すると増強・慢性化することが示唆され,早期からの介入が重要と考えた.今回,頸椎手術後患者を対象に軸性疼痛好発部位への温罨法を施行し効果を検討した.対象は,頸椎手術を受け,術後バイタルサインの安定,同意が得られた13例とした.温罨法は,術後4~6日目まで施行し,温罨法前後で疼痛評価と肩関節可動域,バイタルサイン(体温,血圧,脈拍. SP0_2)を測定した.疼痛評価は. Visual Analogue Scale (以下VAS),疼痛評価器具(ニプロPAINVISION[○!R])を用いた.肩関節可動域は,左右の屈曲・外転を測定した.温罨法による有害事象はなく安全に実施された.VASでは,4日目,6日目に有意に低下した.肩関節可動域では. 4日自の左屈曲と左右外転.,5日目の左外転.,6日目の左右屈曲で有意に拡大した.以上より,頸椎手術後患者に温罨法を施行することは,軸性疼痛の緩和に影響を与えたと推察された.After cervical spine surgery, patients may complain of postoperative axial pain. It has been demonstrated that axial pain worsens and may become chronic if the treatment is delayed, thus early intervention is important. In this study, hot fomentation was performed on the common sites of axial pain in postcervical spine surgery patients and the results were studied. The subjects underwent cervical spine surgery, postoperative vital signs were stable, and consent was obtained in a total of 13 cases. Hot fomentation was performed for 4-6 days after surgery, and the shoulder joint range of motion and vital signs (body temperature, blood pressure, pulse, SPOz) were measured both before and after hot fomentation, in addition to a pain assessment. The visual analogue scale (VAS) and pain assessment instruments (Nipro PAIN VISION[○!R]) were used to assess the pain. The lateral flexion/abduction was measured to assess the shoulder joint range of motion. There were no adverse events due to hot fomentation, and it was safely performed. A significant drop on the VAS was seen on the 4th and 6th days. The right flexion and lateral abduction significantly expanded on the 4th day, the left flexion significantly expanded on the 5th day, and the lateral flexion significantly expanded on the 6th day. These findings suggest that performing hot fomentation on patients after cervical spine surgery may alleviate the postoperative axial pain.

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