Departmental Bulletin Paper Uncovering Shadowing as an EFL Teaching Technique for Listening: Learners’ perceptions, self-confidence, and motivation
EFL リスニング教授法としてのシャドーイングの研究 ― 学習者の認識,自己効力感,動機 ―

濱田, 陽  ,  HAMADA, Yo

17pp.9 - 22 , 2015-03-28 , 秋田大学教育推進総合センター
Research conducted in the past decade has shown that shadowing is an effective technique toward the improvement of listening comprehension skills. However, research has focused exclusively on the technical aspects of shadowing and less focused on learners’ psychological status. Thus, this study explores the relationship between the effectiveness of shadowing and learners’ psychological aspects mainly quantitatively, with follow-up qualitative analysis. The current study examines whether learners’ initial attitudinal motivation affects the improvement of listening skills and how learners’ self-confidence and motivation for listening and perceptions toward shadowing affects their improvement in listening. The participants were 80 Japanese sophomores at a national university, all majoring in health or engineering. After eight training sessions, the students’ score for listening comprehension skills improved with statistically significant differences, and eight students were interviewed about their and perceptions of shadowing, self-confidence and motivation for listening. The study demonstrates that the outcome of shadowing is influenced by learners’ initial level of attitudinal motivation, perception toward shadowing, and self-confidence and motivation for listening.

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