Departmental Bulletin Paper 菜の花栽培と菜種油生産を通じた福島県浜通り・中通り地域再生 : ロータリー補助金プログラムの立ち上げから中間成果まで (前篇)
Regional Regeneration of Disaster-Stricken Areas in Hama-dori and Naka-dori of Fukushima Prefecture through a Cultivation of Rapeseed and a Production of Rapeseed Oil : An Intermediate Result from an Initiation Programme under the Support of the Rotary Grant (part one)

小坂井, 真季  ,  石井, 秀樹  ,  林, 薫平

86 ( 2 )  , pp.55 - 64 , 2017-09

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