Journal Article On Two Apriori-Based Rule Generators: Apriori in Prolog and Apriori in SQL

Sakai, Hiroshi  ,  Shen, Kao-Yi  ,  Nakata, Michinori

This paper focuses on two Apriori-based rule generators. The first is the rule generator in Prolog and C, and the second is the one in SQL. They are named Apriori in Prolog and Apriori in SQL, respectively. Each rule generator is based on the Apriori algorithm. However, each rule generator has its own properties. Apriori in Prolog employs the equivalence classes defined by table data sets and follows the framework of rough sets. On the other hand, Apriori in SQL employs a search for rule generation and does not make use of equivalence classes. This paper clarifies the properties of these two rule generators and considers effective applications of each to existing data sets.

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