Departmental Bulletin Paper 学習科学に基づく二つの課外活動の運営について (1) ―概略的紹介―
On Management of the Two After-school Activities Based on Learning Sciences (1) —A General Summary—

高木, 一広

This paper summarizes a brief history on the two after-school activities, ProjectBSD and NELab. Both activities shares the same aim: to find students who have an intention to be great but do not know how to do it, to get them together, to organize them into one group, and to wait for a chemical reaction between them to cause. What the author prepares is just a room and computers. It is the practice of active learning. Since our activities spanned rather long period of time, fifteen years, only this paper cannot describes the details, and the author just chronically introduces the two activities, and specific analyses of them form the point of view of learning sciences will be dealt on another paper.

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