Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学教育のコンテンツを活かした「総合的な学習の時間の指導法」の構想 ―九州工業大学における体制と実践から―
Utilizing Higher Educational contents in Instruction Methods for "Period for Integrated Study": The Practice and the System in Kyushu Institute of Technology

東野, 充成  ,  佐藤, 友美

Teacher-training course in Kyushu Institute of Technology is now preparing new systems responding to the new core-curriculum of teacher-training course from 2019. This paper presents following four issues on setting up new subject "Instruction Methods for Period for Integrated Study." (1) Developing closer cooperation between teacher-training course, general education course, and specialized education course; (2) gleaned variety of educational practices from teacher-training course and general education course, and revising them for junior and high school students and developing them into course materials for Instruction Methods for Period for Integrated Study; (3) gleaning active learning practices from teacher-training education, general education, and specialized education courses, and sharing the knowledge from them; (4) organizing a cooperative system with teacher-training education and general education courses in "Instruction Methods for Period for Integrated Study."

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