Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学進学の理由が大学適応感とキャリア発達に及ぼす影響 ―不登校傾向の高い生徒の援助への提言―
Influence of student’s reasons for entrance into university on university adjustment and career development: Proposal on support for students having a tendency towards non-attendance at school

佐藤, 友美  ,  米光, 真由美

Students who tended to be absent at high-school are more likely to dropout from university and less able to develop career skills. Educational psychological findings suggest that fostering autonomous motivation to entrance is effective for high-school students to well-future adjustment to university. For testing the possibility, this study investigated which type of entrance motivation led to well-adjustment and career adaptability at university. One hundred sixty-three university freshmen answered self-reported questionnaire on the reasons for entrance, subjective adjustment to university, and career adaptability. The results revealed that the degree of study-orientation and that of academic ability respectively had positive and negative correlation to both university-adjustment and higher career adaptability. The extracurricular activities oriented reason, which is the other type of autonomous reason, had no relation to both university-adjustment and career adaptability. It would be therefore to foster study-orientation motivation of high-school students before entrance, preventing from their future-maladjustment to university.

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