Presentation ダブルパルス試験によるパワーエレクトロニクス機器用ノイズ計測システムの構築

岩﨑, 量旺  ,  長谷川, 一徳  ,  安部, 征哉  ,  大村, 一郎

The accurate measurement of EMI is essential because radiated noise from power electronics cause the malfunction of a peripheral device or itself. This paper develops a new EMI measurement system for power electronics equipment with double pulse test. The system is capable of confirming EMI level of power electronics equipment in an early stage of development. In addition, the system identifies the noise sources in the surface of the power electronics by scanning the near magnetic field. The system contributes to reducing the development period and cost of the power electronics equipment.
電気学会電子デバイス/半導体電力変換合同研究会(IEE-SPC)パワーデバイス・パワーエレクトロニクスとその実装技術, 2017年11月20日-21日, 鹿児島大学 稲盛会館, 鹿児島県

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