Journal Article 高Si球状黒鉛鋳鉄の切欠き強度とその構造部材としての考察

池田, 朋弘  ,  梅谷, 拓郎  ,  甲斐, 信博  ,  大城, 桂作  ,  赤木, 大地  ,  野田, 尚昭  ,  佐野, 義一

83 ( 851 )  , p.16-00455 , 2017-07-25 , 一般社団法人日本機械学会
In this study, the notch strength σBnotch was investigated for high silicon solid solution strengthened ferritic ductile cast iron in comparison with the tensile strength σBsmooth. High speed tensile tests were conducted on notched and smooth specimens at various strain rate and temperatures. The strain rate-temperature parameter (R parameter) is found to be useful for evaluating the temperature and strain rate upon the notch strength. The required range of R parameter was investigated for welded structural members in several industrial fields. The notch strength σBnotch is always larger than the tensile strength at room temperature σB,smoothRT in the range of R parameter required for the welded structures. Therefore, tensile strength σB,smoothRT is confirmed to be more useful than Charpy absorbed energy for the structural design. It is expected that the high Si ductile cast iron has wide industrial application potentiality.

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