Conference Paper Field–Temperature Phase Diagram of Intergrain Ordering in Superconducting Ceramic YBCO

Deguchi, H  ,  Warabino, R  ,  Ka, S  ,  Mito, M  ,  Hagiwara, M  ,  Koyama, K

871 ( 1 ) 2017-07-26 , IOP Publishing
The ceramic YBa2Cu4O8 superconductor composed of submicron grains is considered a random Josephson-coupled network containing the so-called π junctions and shows successive phase transitions. With decreasing temperature, first the intragrain superconductive transition occurs inside each grain at T c1 and then the chiral-glass transition occurs among the grains at T c2 (< T c1). The third transition at T c3 (< T c2) is the intergrain superconducting transition. We measured the nonlinear susceptibility and resistivity of the ceramic YBa2Cu4O8 superconductor to determine the field dependences of the transition temperatures T c2 and T c3. The phase diagram of the intergrain ordering is discussed in light of the result predicted by Kawamura.
29th International Symposium on Superconductivity, 13–15 December 2016, Tokyo, Japan

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