Journal Article New Power Module Integrating Output Current Measurement Function

Tabata, S.  ,  Hasegawa, K.  ,  Tsukuda, M.  ,  Omura, I.

This paper proposes a new power module concept that integrates output current measurement function to make inverters compact. The current measurement function is realized by tiny printed-circuit-board (PCB) Rogowski coils. The PCB Rogowski coil picks up a switching current flowing through an IGBT chip, and then a combination of a digital circuit based on a field-programmable-gate-array (FPGA) and an integrator circuit reproduces the output current of the inverter from the switching current. A major concern of the new power module is the effect of reverse recovery current of free-wheeling diodes because the reverse recovery current is superimposed on the switching current. This paper proposes a mitigating method of the reverse recovery current.
2017 29th International Symposium on Power Semiconductor Devices and IC's (ISPSD), May 28 2017-June 1 2017, Sapporo, Japan

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