Conference Paper 窒化ガリウム(GaN)FETを使用したワイヤレス給電用E級送信機

市原, 文夫  ,  大村, 一郎

Gallium nitride (GaN) FET with the excellent high-frequency characteristics is adopted to a shortwave band wireless power transmitter. In this study, a high- efficiency Class E amplifier with GaN-FET and a shortwave band magnetic resonance wireless transmission method are used with newly developed optimization circuit for the drive waveform, addition with new protection circuit. Longer transmission distance with high efficiency and high reliability were achieved.
電子デバイス/半導体電力変換 合同研究会, 九州工業大学 戸畑キャンパス, 2016-11-14/2016-11-15

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