Journal Article 高温炉中で使われるセラミックローラー稼動中におけるシャフトの抜け
Simulation of Coming Out of Shaft from the Ceramics Sleeve During Rotation of the Rollers Connected under Small Shrink-Fitting Ratio

野田, 尚昭  ,  佐野, 義一  ,  高瀬, 康  ,  原田, 正太  ,  スルヤディ, デディ  ,  熊崎, 誠一

101 ( 5 )  , pp.284 - 292 , 2015-05-01 , 社団法人日本鉄鋼協会
In this paper the loosening and coming out of a roller is considered by using FE analysis when a ceramics sleeve is shrinking fitted to two steel shafts. It should be noted that only small shrink fitting ratio can be applied for the connection because of the brittleness of ceramics. However care should be taken for coming out of the shafts during rotation under such small shrink fitting ratio. In this study therefore the finite element analysis is applied to simulate this behavior. Then, the coming out behavior during rotation can be realized by the simulation where the rotation of the roller is replaced by the shift of the load at an interval of the rotation angle. Under smaller shrink fitting ratio the shaft comes out, but under larger shrink fitting ratio the shaft does not. The effects of the magnitude of the load, friction coefficient, and stiffness of the shaft are also discussed.

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