Journal Article Evaluation of trapped magnetic field properties in superconducting MgB2 bulk magnets by finite element method 

Mizukami, S.  ,  Otabe, E. S.  ,  Yoshitomi, K.  ,  Vyatkin, Vladimir S.  ,  Kiuchi, M.  ,  Matsushita, T.

65pp.241 - 244 , 2015-06-20 , Elsevier
The trapped magnetic field properties in superconducting MgB2 bulk magnets with various kinds of shape such as a disk, a ring and a pair of disks were calculated by the finite element method (FEM). For simplicity, field cool magnetization was replaced by a simple magnetization process at constant temperature to obtain equivalent distribution of magnetic field, and the thermal equation in FEM was omitted. It was confirmed that the result of FEM agreed well with the result by analytical method in infinite long cylinder. We compared the trapped magnetic field property between FEM result and experimental result in reference in order to research the simple evaluation method of the trapped magnetic field of MgB2 bulk magnet. It was found that the result of FEM agreed with the experimental result and it can explain the distribution of trapped magnetic field of superconducting MgB2 bulk magnet. From these results, it was found that it was possible to be calculated in various kinds of shape with using simple evaluation by FEM. Therefore, the optimization of the maximum trapped magnetic field in superconducting MgB2 bulk magnet can be discussed.
Proceedings of the 27th International Symposium on Superconductivity (ISS 2014) November 25-27, 2014, Tokyo, Japan

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