Journal Article Coming out Mechanism of Steel Shaft from Ceramic Sleeve

Nao-Aki, NODA  ,  Yuanming, XU  ,  Dedi, SURYADI  ,  Yoshikazu, SANO  ,  Yasushi, TAKASE

56 ( 2 )  , pp.303 - 310 , 2016-03-04 , 社団法人日本鉄鋼協会
Ceramic rollers can be used in the heating furnace conveniently because of its high temperature resistance. The new roller consists of ceramic sleeve and steel shaft connected only under a small shrink fitting ratio because of the brittleness. In the previous study, simulation of coming out of the shaft from the sleeve was performed, but only small number of loading cycle can be considered because of large computational time. To analyze the coming out problem more efficiently, in this paper, the two-dimensional shrink fitted structures are considered. Then, the effects of the magnitude of load and shrink fitting ratio are investigated under large number of loading cycle. Finally, the coming out mechanism is discussed for larger number of cycles by focusing on the shear stress and displacement at the joint end. The coming out occurs when the negative shear stress is unstable. On the other hand, the coming out does not occur when the positive shear stress is stable with little fluctuation.

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