Journal Article Use of Chitosan-Siloxane Porous Hybrid Scaffold as Novel Burr Hole Covers

Shirosaki, Y.  ,  Furuse, M.  ,  Asano, T.  ,  Kinoshita, Y.  ,  Miyazaki, T.  ,  Kuroiwa, T.

5 ( 1 )  , pp.342 - 345 , 2016-01-01 , Comporter SRL
Chitosan-siloxane porous hybrids have high potential as tissue scaffolds. This manuscript focuses on the regeneration of skull bone after a burr hole. This was done using hybrids incorporated with calcium or coated with hydroxyapatite after soaking in a phosohate solution. The specimens fitted the burr hole and the cells migrated into the pores form surrounding bone tissue. After implanation no inflammation was observed and the specimens degraded 12 months later. A coating of hydroxyapatite accelerated bone formation compared.

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