Conference Paper Magnetic Flux Signal Simulation with 16-channel Sensor Array to Specify Accurate IGBT Current Distribution

Tsukuda, Masanori  ,  Matsuo, Kazuaki  ,  Tomonaga, Hiroki  ,  Okoda, Seiichi  ,  Ryuzo, Noda  ,  Tashiro, Katsuji  ,  Omura, Ichiro

Current crowding of IGBT and power diodes in a chip or among chips is a barrier to the realization of highlyreliable power modules and power electronics systems. Current crowding occurs because of stray inductance imbalance, difference of chip characteristics and temperature imbalance among chips. Although current crowding among IGBT or power diode chips has been analyzed by numerical simulation, no sensor with sufficiently high special resolution and fast measurement time has yet been developed. Therefore, we developed a 16-channel sensor array and demonstrated IGBT current distribution imaging. By using the developed simulation method for the sensor array, the accuracy of the magnetic flux signals was confirmed. In future work, we will apply the simulation method to specify the IGBT current distribution corresponding to the structure of bonding wire and other wiring.
CIPS 2016 International Conference on Integrated Power Electronics Systems, Mar 8-10, 2016, Nuremberg, Germany

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