Conference Paper Optimal Double Sided Gate Control of IGBT for Lower Turn-off Loss and Surge Voltage Suppression

Harada, Shohei  ,  Tsukuda, Masanor  ,  Omura, Ichiro

S04pp.66 - 70 , 2016-03 , Vde Verlag
The current density of power semiconductor devices continues to increase and, carrier injection has been enhanced by several methods even though turn-off loss tends to be increased. In order to address this problem, we propose a double sided gate IGBT and optimal gate control method for lower turn-off loss. TCAD simulation numerically shows that the proposed IGBT successfully decreases turn-off loss. Furthermore, the turn-off loss is further decreased with optimal control of the double sided gate without surge voltage increase. In addition, we consider the effects of stray inductance on the performance of double sided gate IGBT.

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