Journal Article 三相インバータ用直流リンクコンデンサに適した評価回路の実験検証

長谷川, 一徳  ,  大村, 一郎  ,  西澤, 伸一

DC-link capacitors in power electronic converters are a major constraint on improvement of power density as well as reliability. Evaluation of the dc-link capacitors in terms of power loss, ageing, and failure rate will play an important role in design stages of the next-generation power converters. This paper presents experimental verification of a new evaluation circuit for dc-link capacitors used in a three-phase inverter, which is intended for testing power loss, failure rate, ageing, and so on. The circuit consists of a full-scale current-rating and downscale voltage-rating three-phase inverter, a low-voltage dc supply, and a high-voltage dc supply, which brings smaller power rating than that of a full-scale voltage-rating inverter by a factor of ten. A 1.2-kV 6400-W prototype was designed and constructed using a 120-V 640-W inverter, which verifies that the new circuit provides the same ripple current waveform as that of the full-scale three-phase inverter.
電力技術/電力系統技術/半導体電力変換技術合同研究会, 3月8日-9日, 2016年, 九州工業大学 戸畑キャンパス, 福岡県 

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