Conference Paper Novel 600 V Low Reverse Recovery Loss Vertical PiN Diode with Hole Pockets by Bosch Deep Trench

Tsukuda, Masanori  ,  Baba, Akiyoshi  ,  Shiba, Yuji  ,  Omura, Ichiro

pp.295 - 298 , 2016-06 , IEEE
The performance of a novel diode with characteristic trench shape is predicted by TCAD simulation. A novel 600 V vertical PiN diode with hole pockets by the Bosch deep trench process is proposed for a better trade-off curve between reverse recovery loss and forward voltage. The reverse recovery loss is reduced to a half. In addition, the active chip size of the novel diode is reduced to two-thirds that of the conventional PiN diode in the same forward voltage. The novel diode structure is a strong candidate when the simple fabrication process under development is established.

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