Conference Paper Influence of Strain Rate for Notch- Bend strength on ductile Cast Iron

Ikeda, T.  ,  Umetani, T.  ,  Kai, N.  ,  Noda, N-A.  ,  Sano, Y.

4pp.114 - 119 , 2016-08 , Laboratory Soete – Ghent University
In this study, the notch-bend strength (σb,max) which is useful to structural design was considered for High Si Solid Solution Strengthened Ferritic Ductile Cast Iron. Then, the application of the high Si ductile cast iron to wide industrial fields was discussed at room temperature. Dynamic three-point bending tests were conducted on Charpy V-notch specimens in the range of stroke speed, 10-3~102 mm/s, at 22°C. Even though the absorbed energy of fracture process was in the lower shelf region, the notch-bend strength (b,max) did notdecrease with increasing the strain rate. These results indicate b,max is insensitive to the strain rate. Therefore, the authors think that the high Si ductile cast iron has wide industrial application potentiality at room temperature.
Proceedings of 5th International Conference on Fracture Fatigue and Wear, FFW 2016, 24-26 August 2016, Kitakyushu, Japan

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