Conference Paper Convenient Devonding Strength Evaluatiom for Spray Coating Based on Intensity of Singular Stress

Wang, Z.  ,  Noda, N.A.  ,  Sano, Y.  ,  Takase, Y.  ,  Iida, K.

4pp.104 - 108 , 2016-08 , Laboratory Soete – Ghent University
Hearth rolls are used in continuous annealing furnace to produce thin steel sheet. The roll surface is usually coated by using thermal spraying, which has high adhesive strength and wears resistance. However, in the ceramics coating, thermal stress caused during heating and cooling process in the furnace may lead to debonding due to the low toughness of ceramics. In order to improve the heat resistance of the thermally sprayed coating, it is essential to evaluate the debonding strength. Generally, heat resistance of thermal spray coating is evaluated by thermal shock test prescribed by JIS H8304 and it has been discussed in terms of singular stress at the end of the interface for JIS specimen under thermal shock. However there is no research considering the real axial-symmetric geometry condition of the multilayer structure. Thus this paper will focus on the intensity of the singular stress at the end of interface for a 2D axial-symmetric model. Then, the most suitable conditions are discussed with varying the coating thickness and compared with our previous study.
Proceedings of 5th International Conference on Fracture Fatigue and Wear, FFW 2016, 24-26 August 2016, Kitakyushu, Japan

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