Journal Article Relationship between Microstructure and Magnetic Domain Structure of Nd-Fe-B Melt-Spun Ribbon Magnets

Takezawa, Masaaki  ,  Taneda, Hiroyuki  ,  Morimoto, Yuji

9 ( 2 )  , pp.206 - 210 , 2015-06 , Springer
The relation between the microstructure, observed using an electron probe microanalyzer, and the domain structure, observed using a Kerr microscope, was established to evaluate the effects of hot rolling and the addition of Ti-C on the c-axis orientation and the magnetization process of hot-rolled Nd-Fe-B-Ti-C melt-spun ribbons. The addition of Ti-C promotes the c-axis orientation and high coercivity in the ribbons. Elemental mapping suggests a uniform elemental distribution; however, an uneven distribution of Ti was observed in an enlarged grain with Ti-enriched points inside the grain. The reversal domains that nucleated at the Ti-enriched point inside the grain cause low coercivity.

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