Conference Paper Detecting a Taxi from a Video for Visually Handicapped People

Nishimura, Akihiro  ,  Tan, Joo Kooi  ,  Kim, Hyoungseop  ,  Ishikawa, Seiji

2015pp.89 - 92 , 2015-07-28 , 計測自動制御学会
This paper proposes a method of detecting a specific moving object, a taxi in particular, on a road from a video provided from a camera attached to a user. In order to raise the quality of life of visually handicapped people, a computer vision system which works in place of their eyes and a brain may be useful. As one of such systems, this study focuses its attention on finding a taxi on a road which is a convenient vehicle to such people as a means of transfer outdoors. The novel idea of this study is that a camera and a PC system for finding a taxi is carried by a user, a visually handicapped person, for example. The proposed method employs the HOG features to represent a vehicle, and finds a taxi by Real AdaBoost and color information with the detected vehicle. The performance of the proposed method is shown experimentally.

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