Journal Article 焼嵌めで構成されたセラミックスリーブローラー稼働中におけるシャフトの抜けに及ぼす接合部の形状・寸法の影響

髙瀬, 康  ,  デディ, スルヤディ  ,  野田, 尚昭  ,  佐野, 義一  ,  熊崎, 誠一

51 ( 4 )  , pp.246 - 256 , 2016-04-09 , 社団法人日本設計工学会
In this paper,the loosening and coming out of a roller shaft is considered when a ceramics sleeve is shrinking fitted to two steel shafts. Under smaller shrink fitting ratio, the coming out behavior during rotation can be realized by the FEM simulation where the rotation of the roller is replaced by the load shift in the circumferential direction on the fixed roller. However, under larger shrink fitting ratio the shaft does not come out although care should be taken for the risk of sleeve fracture due to the larger thermal expansion of steel shaft. The effects of geometries such as the contact length, shaft thickness and taped shaft on the coming out are discussed in order to design the contact portion of this system. The results indicate that the contact length is more effective than other parameters, such as friction coefficient and elastic modulus of the shaft.

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