Conference Paper Numerical Simulation of Alveolar Bone Regeneration and Angiogenesis - Building a Coupled Model -

Kitamoto, Akihiro  ,  Nagayama, Katsuya  ,  Matsuo, Masato

Alveolar bone is the substance that supports teeth. Regeneration of alveolar bone after tooth extraction is known to be adaptively constructed with Ca2+consumption, which is secreted from the blood vessels. Thus, there is a strong relation between alveolar bone regeneration and angiogenesis and Ca2+ secreted from blood vessels. In addition, bone formation is affected by the mechanical force around it and shape remodeling by osteoblasts and osteoclasts. Therefore, in this study, an angiogenesis model, a Ca2+ transport model, stress analysis model, and reaction-diffusion model are constructed and calculated at the same time as the coupled analysis model of bone formation. Thus, the bone regeneration model is constructed using the above factors and compared with the data or images of the actual phenomena.
The 6th TSME International Conference on Mechanical Engineering, 16-18 December 2015, at The Regent Cha-am beach Resort, Hua-Hin, Thailand.

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