Journal Article Observation of the formation of anisotropic silver microstructures by evanescent wave and electron microscopy

Angshuman, Pal  ,  Panart, Khajornrungruang  ,  Christopher, Netzband  ,  Sriveda, Alety  ,  S., V. Babu

27 ( 7 )  , pp.07570801 - 07570810 , 2016-01-20 , IOP Publishing
Using a well-known galvanic displacement reaction, ~25–40 μm long silver ribbons grown after mixing ~50 nm copper particles with AgNO3 solution were observed as a function of Ag+ concentration and their growth was characterized in real-time and in situ by evanescent wave (EW) microscopy. At low Ag+ concentration, chain-like structures consisting of both Ag and Cu were observed. When the sequence of mixing these two reactants was reversed, different Ag microstructures (platelets and dendrites) were formed and were also characterized by EW microscopy. Dependence of the morphology of all these microstructures on silver ion concentration was determined by EW microscopy in conjunction with scanning and transmission electron microscopy.

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