Conference Paper Numerical Analysis of Stress Intensity Factors of a Crack in the Composite Patch Repair

Zhang, Yu  ,  Xu, Shi Xian  ,  Noda, Nao-Aki  ,  Duan, Meng Lan  ,  Gu, Ji Jun

The composite patch repair technology can be utilized to provide upgrades, such as higher design requirements and life extensions. However, in this case, failures easily happen on the edge interface between the substrate material and the restorative material, because of the incompatible of different properties. Failures such as flaws or cracks lying along the interface reduce the strength of the structure significantly. In this paper, the numerical solutions of hypersingular integro-differential equations are discussed in the analysis of three dimensional interfacial cracks subjected to general internal pressure,and the problem is formulated on the basis of the body force method.The stress intensity factors are given with varying material combinations. It is found that the stress intensity factors and are determined by the bi-materials constant alone, independent of elastic modulus ratio and Poisson's ratio.
Kona, Big Island, Hawaii, USA, June 21-26, 2015

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