Technical Report On the Nonlinear Stabilization Problem via Quadratic Immersion Part I: Sigma/Pi-systems and biased solutions of driver-type systems.

Carravetta, Francesco

pp.1 - 26 , 2015-07-27 , 九州工業大学
Based on our recently issued paper on Quadratic Immersion (QI), (also said 'exact quadratization') for nonlinear control systems, the present work aims to define the main features of a possible new approach in nonlinear control, able to exploit the structural properties of a quadratized system in order to design global, statefeedback-regulators, with an exponential, and tunable, performance, for a meaningful class of nonlinear systems. The paper is divided into two parts. In the Part I we go through theproperties of QI and explore the possibility of writing explicitly the solution for the class of the, so called, Sigma/Pi-systems. The main result consists in showing that, under certain conditions, Sigma/Pi-systems are always forward complete, and the solution can be calculated at the steady-state.

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